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How to
Roast Garlic
Garlic, slowly roasted in the oven,
loses its sharp bite and turns remarkably
soft and mellow. Roasted cloves are nutty,
rich, slightly sweet and oh-so versatile.

1. Preheat the oven to
 375 degrees F
(190 degrees C). Cut
 about ½ inch off the top
 of the head of garlic.
 Peel off any loose,
papery skin.

    2. Place garlic in a
    small ovenproof
     baking dish, cut side up.

      3. Drizzle with 1
       tablespoon olive oil.

        4. Cover dish with
         aluminum foil  and
        bake in the oven until
        cut side is lightly
        browned and cloves are
        very soft, 45 minutes
         to 1 hour.
          5. Remove, and allow
          garlic to cool slightly
          before squeezing the garlic
          paste from the cloves.

          Try roasted garlic mashed
           into potatoes, blended
           into store-bought hummus,
           or in one of the recipes
          below. Roasted garlic is
          at its best, however, when
          treated simply--spread on
          crusty bread and drizzled
          with olive oil.

          Roasted Garlic Bread

          Broiled Chicken with
           Roasted Garlic Sauce

          Stir-fried Asparagus

          Wild Mushroom Puff Pastry

          Cassandra's Yummy 
          Lamb Chops

          Roasted Garlic Mashed 

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