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Eat These Carbs to Lose Belly Fat

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Is your problem spot that area right around your belt buckle? Well then, here are two kinds of healthy carbs you should be eating: beans and whole grains.
In a study, obese men and women who were put on a heart-healthy diet lost more belly fat when their daily meals emphasized these two foods rather than refined grains.
Bellies and Beans
In the 18-month study, all participants ended up losing about the same amount of weight. But the people eating diets rich in beans and whole grains enjoyed especially good results around their middles. And all that was required for extra middle melting was eating whole grains instead of refined and replacing two daily grain servings with a couple of servings of beans -- like lentils, chickpeas, or kidney beans. These changes created a low-glycemic-index diet that was satisfying, blood-sugar-balancing, and belly-fat blasting. (Find out how a low-glycemic-index diet helps your eyes, too.)
How Good Carbs Help
Other research has linked higher bean consumption with less belly fat, probably because beans -- like whole grains -- are made of good, less energy-dense carbs that are higher in fiber and take longer to digest, keeping you satisfied longer. Here are a few other strategies you can adopt to help drop more belly fat:

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Published on 01/31/2011
The effect of increasing consumption of pulses and wholegrains in obese people: a randomized controlled trial. Venn, B. J. et al., Journal of the American College of Nutrition 2010 Aug;29(4):365-372.

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