Monday, July 11, 2011


Before you bread that piece of meat with ordinary flour......
Did you know.......
that you can use almost anything for breading?

Have you tried different things like.....

crushed almonds?
crushed wheat germ?
oat bran?
ground flax seed?

Do you have any idea how good these foods are for you?  They are great for your heart.  They are good for your colon by giving you much-needed fiber.  Fiber will help you lose weight.  Oats have been scientifically proven to help your cholesterol.

And you know what?
That fried piece of meat or fish (hopefully sauteed in a healthy, organic or cold-pressed oil) will taste the same (maybe even better!).  No kidding.  Try it.  What have you got to lose?  You might even live to play with your grand kids just a little bit longer.

Experiment.  Use your imagination.  Combine one or two items.  I have used almonds, flax seed and wheat germ together on catfish.  It was amazing.  And I grew up on the traditional cornmeal.

By the way, flax seed is wonderful and healthy.  But did you know it doesn't work if you use it whole?  That's right.  Just goes right through you.  So, be sure to always grind your flax seed before consuming it.
New on the scene is the "Chia Seed".  Chia seeds are proving to be little wonder seeds.  They have a remarkable effect on blood pressure.  And the good news is they work without having to grind them.  Sprinkle them on anything.

I'm not a doctor or health expert.  So anything I tell you, feel free to look up for yourself.

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