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7-Minute Healthy Sautéed Crimini Mushrooms
Enjoy this easy-to-prepare recipe that complements many of your favorite dishes and is a great addition to your Healthiest Way of Eating. You will also be enjoying a rich source of health-promoting selenium, vitamin B12, and copper along with the great flavor of crimini mushrooms.
7-Minute Healthy Sautéed Crimini Mushrooms

Prep and Cook Time: 15 minutes

  • 1 lb medium crimini mushrooms, sliced
  • 3 TBS low-sodium chicken or vegetable broth
  • Mediterranean Dressing
  • 3 TBS extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 tsp lemon juice
  • 2 medium cloves garlic
  • sea salt and pepper to taste
  • Optional:
  • 2 TBS fresh rosemary
  • few drops of soy sauce
  • Serve with sautéed onions, green peas, or almost any of your favorite vegetables.

  1. Chop or press garlic and let sit for 5 minutes to enhance its health-promoting properties.
  2. Heat 3 TBS broth over medium heat in a stainless steel skillet.
  3. When broth begins to steam, add the sliced mushrooms and sauté for 3 minutes. They will release liquid as they cook. As crimini mushrooms are not as watery as other button mushrooms, it is best to stir constantly for the last 4 minutes. The liquid will evaporate, and the mushrooms will become golden brown but not burned.
  4. Transfer to a bowl. For more flavor, toss crimini mushrooms with the Mediterranean dressing ingredients(and any of the optional ingredients you would like to add) while they are still hot. The dressing does not need to be made separately.
Serves 2 

A note from Glad:
My apologies that the chart below is difficult to read.  It's pretty easy to discern most of the pertinent information about this recipe.  But if you go to (World's Healthiest Foods), I'm sure you will be able to see the entire chart.  Enjoy!
Nutritional Profile
Nutrients in
7-Minute Sauteed Crimini Mushrooms
1.00 serving (480.60 grams)
Nutrient%Daily Value


vitamin B280%



vitamin C68.1%

vitamin B365%

vitamin B160%






vitamin B540.1%


vitamin A33%


vitamin B628%



Calories (253)14%
Introduction to Recipe Rating System Chart
In order to better help you identify recipes that feature a high concentration of nutrients for the calories they contain, we created a Recipe Rating System. This system allows us to highlight the recipes that are especially rich in particular nutrients. The following chart shows the nutrients for which 7-Minute Healthy Sautéed Crimini Mushrooms is either an excellent, very good, or good source (below the chart you will find a table that explains these qualifications). If a nutrient is not listed in the chart, it does not necessarily mean that the recipe doesn't contain it. It simply means that the nutrient is not provided in a sufficient amount or concentration to meet our rating criteria. (To view this recipe's in-depth nutritional profile that includes values for dozens of nutrients - not just the ones rated as excellent, very good, or good - please use the link below the chart.) To read this chart accurately, you'll need to glance back up to see the ingredients used in the recipe and the number of serving sizes provided by the recipe. Our nutrient ratings are based on a single serving. For example, if a recipe makes 4 servings, you would be receiving the nutrient amounts listed in the chart by eating 1/4th of the combined ingredients found in the recipe. Now, returning to the chart itself, you can look next to the nutrient name in order to find the nutrient amount it offers, the percent Daily Value (DV%) that this amount represents, the nutrient density that we calculated for this recipe and nutrient, and the rating we established in our rating system. For most of our nutrient ratings, we adopted the government standards for food labeling that are found in the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's "Reference Values for Nutrition Labeling." Read more background information and details of our rating system.
7-Minute Sauteed Crimini Mushrooms
1.00 serving
480.60 grams
253.78 calories
World's Healthiest
Foods Rating
selenium65.50 mcg93.66.6excellent
vitamin B21.36 mg80.05.7excellent
copper1.50 mg75.05.3excellent
tryptophan0.22 g68.84.9very good
vitamin C40.89 mg68.24.8very good
vitamin B313.00 mg65.04.6very good
vitamin B10.90 mg60.04.3very good
manganese1.18 mg59.04.2very good
fiber12.49 g50.03.5very good
phosphorus492.08 mg49.23.5very good
folate162.40 mcg40.62.9good
potassium1404.35 mg40.12.8good
vitamin B54.01 mg40.12.8good
protein18.96 g37.92.7good
vitamin A1651.09 IU33.02.3good
zinc4.58 mg30.52.2good
vitamin B60.56 mg28.02.0good
iron4.73 mg26.31.9good
magnesium93.27 mg23.31.7good
World's Healthiest
Foods Rating
excellentDV>=75% OR
Density>=7.6 AND DV>=10%
very goodDV>=50% OR
Density>=3.4 AND DV>=5%
goodDV>=25% OR
Density>=1.5 AND DV>=2.5%

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