Sunday, May 13, 2012

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Healthy Food Tip
Are canned beans devoid of their life energy and nutritional value?

Depending on what is meant by the term "life energy," I would disagree that all canned foods, or all cooked foods, or even all processed foods are devoid of life energy. Plants are only fully alive when they are rooted in the ground, interacting with the soil and microorganisms in the soil, processing sunlight, and engaged in all of the cellular processes that make them the unique life forms that they are. Once a plant has been harvested—either pulled up out of the ground by its roots or cut off at the stalk or branch point —the plant is no longer fully alive. From my point of view, however, this harvesting of the plant does not mean that the plant has lost all of its life energy. The active enzyme activity of plants may only be available to our digestive tracts when we eat raw foods in fairly close proximity to the time at which they were harvested. But many of the other vital components of the plant are still fully available to us after harvesting, and even after cooking and canning.

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