Sunday, July 1, 2012

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Healthy Food Tip
Can I get an antioxidant overdose from the World's Healthiest Foods?

What's so remarkable about research on antioxidants is that food studies consistently show benefits-and only benefits-to balanced consumption of whole foods that provide a natural combination of antioxidants. Studies showing increased health risk from consumption of antioxidants have always been studies that included dietary supplements of antioxidants-and usually a few select antioxidants. While antioxidant supplements can definitely play a helpful role in lowering our risk of disease, it's a mistake to think about antioxidant supplements as a kind of "insurance program" or "safety net" where we're just building up our army of "good guys." Our bodies depend on natural combinations of antioxidants that are present in whole, unprocessed foods, and that's one of the key reasons the World's Healthiest Foods are your best antioxidant bet.
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