1. What is Longrich all about ?

Longrich is a manufacturing company with offices in 183 countries. It is ranked by Direct sales news as now 42nd of the 100 top in the world. It is chaired by Xu zhiwei (most outstanding Chinese entrepreneur of the world economy).

2. What products do they have ?

Their products include everyday consumables such as Toothpaste, cream, soap,shampoo, fruit and vegetable shakes, health wine, mouth freshener, green tea, coffee, mosquito repellent, hand cream, pad and Panty liners that treat and prevent infection.

Supplements like calcium, natural antibiotics, cooking pots, cups,& so many other products.

All their products are therapeutic and multi-functional.

3. Is this compagny credible ?

LR is over 30 years old, and has bagged loads of awards and certification from ISO, Fri, USDA organic, WHO, SGS tested, CDS, Nafdac, ISBN. Ranked in Forbes as China’s top company.

4. How efficient are the products ?

The company’s wide range of products meet global standards of excellence.

It maintains same or even higher quality as popular brands such as LION, Walmart, Unilever, Marks n Spencer, Glaxosmithkline, Tesco, Wool Worths, Elizabeth Arden, Shisheido, Carrefour, Estee Lauder and others.

All the companies listed above are being produced for by Longliqi int’l.

5. Can I get adverse reactions to the product ?

The products are formulated through careful research. The company has 8 world – class science and technical research and development (R & D) institutes in New York, Japan, France & China, with over 10000 employees, 35% of which are college students, graduate students, senior engineers,doctors and experts from numerous fields.

6. What make Longrich different ?

Longrich has an improved model which excludes monthly compulsory injection of fresh funds, it also grows a team of 3 ppl as your direct downlines. Any new referral from the fourth is layered under one of the initial 3. This enhances team growth. There are 7 ways to earn from the company and 3 incentives.

7. How can I join the Longrich sellers group in Pangasinan ?

Contact us with the contact form on this site.

We ll meet you as soon as possible.

There is no registration fee. Your purchase makes you a member. Any purchase above ten thousand two hundred pesos qualifies you to earn.

I must state that LONGRICH is not a get rich quick scheme. With commitment and hard work associating with longrich it will change your financial fortunes forever.

8. What is PV’s ?

PV stands for Product Value. This is the numerical value that Longrich attaches to every SINGLE unit of each product that Longrich offers.

The numerical value differs from product to product.

So each time you purchase a product, Longrich adds the value of that product to your accumulated PV.

9. Can I start from any entry level ?

Yes. You are free to start from any Entry level. You can sign up as Silver or Gold or Platinumor as VIP.

10. How do I move from one entry level to another ?

Once you are signed up, you can only move upward through a process called ‘Upgrade‘. Usually, Longrich will open a window of upgrade to enable you move from your current entry level to another.

Once this window is opened, you can upgrade from one level to any level. For example, if you are currently sitting as Silver, when the Upgrade window opens, you can upgrade to Gold, Platinum, or VIP.

You upgrade by buying products worth the difference of PV (Product Value) between your current level and your desired entry level. For example, if your current level is Silver with 116 PV and you desire to upgrade to Platinum which has 720 PV, you need to fill form to buy products worth 720-116 = 604 PV. Remember to indicate ‘Upgrade’ on the Form.

11. How many Entry Levels are there ?

There are Four (4) Entry Levels and these are : SILVER: GOLD: PLATINUM : VIP.

12. How much is the Sign Up Amount for each Entry Level ?

  1. USA

  1. Nigeria

Each Entry Level has a Sign Up Amount in dollars but converted to Naira at the prevalent Exchange Rate:

Silver is N50,000.00. Gold is N90,000.00. Platinum is N250,000.00. VIP is N580,000.00.

Entry Levels are actually driven by PV (Product Value).

For example, the needed PV for each

Entry Level are: SIlver (116 PV).Gold (240 PV). Platinum (720 PV): VIP (1680 PV).

At Sign Up, you can pick Products that will give you the needed PV to arrive at your desired Entry Level and then make payment for the selected Products.

13. How many bonuses are there in Longrich ?

There are minimum of Four (4) Bonuses in Longrich.

And these are:

Performance Bonus: Development Bonus: Leadership Bonus: Retail Bonus.

14. Is it COMPULSORY that I buy product every month to remain in Longrich business ?

No. You do not have to buy product to continue in Longrich business. There is no authorship in Longrich like other Network Marketing platforms.

15. If I do not buy products every month, can I still earn any bonus ?

Yes. You do not have to buy products every month to enjoy the bonus payments. However, there must be activities in atleast TWO of the your downlines for you to enjoy Performance and Development Bonuses.

16. Is there constant and consistent training and seminars on Longrich business opportunities ?

Yes. Longrich TeamFreedomis among the various Longrich Teams spread across the country that offers a free weekly training and seminar on Longrich business opportunities.

17. Can I sign up as a VIP and not earn any bonus ?

Yes. To earn any bonus after your initial sign up, you MUST follow up with the signing up of MINIMUM 2 downlines, to entitle you to earning any bonus.

Remember, when you sign up, Longrich gives you products worth the value of the amount you signed up with. So there is need for more activities under you to enable Longrich generate the profit they can use in paying you.

18. Can a SILVER Entry level earn more bonuses than a VIP Entry level ?

Yes. This is possible if the Silver entry has minimum of two of the following Gold, Platinum or VIP in the downlines while the VIP Entry Level has only Silver in the downlines.